Backstreet Rules!

Hi!Welcome to my very own BSB page.
Please stay and make yourself 
comfortable.Check back frequently 
for updates.

I have put up a page for 
lyrics,and I only have 
lyrics for If You Stay
and Backstreet's 
yrics will be added along 
the way and when 
i receive e-mails from you 
guys requesting for the lyrics
of a BSB song.Keep the suggestions,
pictures,and what-nots coming in!!
Oh yes!!Remember to sign the guestbook!!

Stuff like vulgar language and your silly 
storiesabout what you did with anyone of 
the BSB is not allowed because this page 
is supposed to beBSB fan-friendly and if 
you wanna say stuff like that,please do 
it somewhere else.However,if you have 
really met the BSB and did proper stuff with 
them,I would gladly welcome your stories.

I am NOT,in any way,related to any one of the
Backstreet Boys or the employees of Trans-Continental
and Jive Records.Please do not send me e-mail
addressed to the Backstreet Boys because you won't get
a reply from them.


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Bios of the boys:
View the lyrics to the BSB's songs: It seems that this site has moved,so if anyone has the new address,please let me know,it'll benefit everyone!!Thanks!!!!
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